Bienvenue!  Grade 9 French

Mme. Slauenwhite


Grade 9 French is a continuation of the French skills acquired in Grade 8.  We will work on developing our listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.  This will be accomplished by using classroom activities and assignments taken from the following series:  Communiquête, Tout ados, and Ça marche. 


Students are expected to come to class prepared and willing to participate.  All assignments are to be completed on time.  Late work will receive a deduction of 10% for each day it is late past the assigned due date, with a maximum loss of 50%.  Plagiarism, cheating, or the use of on-line translators will not be accepted and consequences shall be as prescribed in the student handbook. (This includes an office referral and a mark of 0 for the assignment.)  Students are responsible for work missed as a result of an absence from class.  If an absence occurs, please make arrangements to make up any missed work.


Extra help will be available prior to 8:30, at lunch or after school.  It is the responsibility of the student to request extra help and make arrangements with Mme Slauenwhite for a time that is convenient for both.


Students are requested to bring the following supplies to class:

-         3 ring binder for notes and assignments

-         Loose-leaf

-         Pencils and pens (blue or black ink)

-         French-English dictionary

-         Coloured pencils/markers


General classroom rules:

-         Be prepared for class

-         Be on time

-         Food is not permitted

-         Gum is not permitted

-         Technology is not permitted

-         Water may be consumed, if it is brought into the classroom with the student


The grade 9 French course will be graded as follows:


Compréhension orale                35%

Production orale                       35%

Compréhension écrite               15%

Production écrite                      15%