Sociology 12

This term in grade 12 Sociology we are working on social class and stratification.


Current Assignments:

April 24:  Define the following terms using pages 249-251

a) upper class

b) middle class

c) upper-middle class

d) lower-middle class

e) working class

f) working poor

g) under class

April 28:  Reflection Questions

1. A) Why do many people in Canada not want to talk about social class?

B) Are people more willing to talk about their income?  Why or why not?


2. A) Does the distinction between "old money" and "new money" still hold up today?

B) Does the distinction exist in your hometown?


3) What three factors qualify people for membership in the upper middle class?

4) What factors have diminished the chances of material success for individuals in the middle class?