Tourism 11

This term in grade 11 Tourism we will be working on:

Module 3:  Transportation, Hospitality, and Adventure Tourism/Recreation

Students will be using the textbook Passport as their primary reference.


Current Homework Assignments

March 28:  Interview and write a report on a person who is employed in an occupation you think is related to one of the 8 sectors of tourism.  To be presented to the class, and a write-up submitted.

April 10:  Test on the Airline Industry 


April 17:  Written Assignment:  A day in the life of...  250 word description of a day in the life of an occupation related to the               

                                                accommodations sector


April 24:  Definitions to be finished for various types of food and beverage providers

April 25:  Journal #1 due

                Think of all of the safety risks involved with occupations related to the food and beverage sector.  Describe these risks/safety hazards and think of ways that employers might protect their employees from these hazards on the job site. (1 page hand written)


April 25:  Definitions in your own words of the following food and beverage providers.

    1) room service 2) mini bars 3) lounges and bars 4) banqueting 5) breakfast carts 6) convenience stores 7) vending machine 8) employee cafeteria 9) cruise dining 10)stand-alone restaurant 11) quick-service restaurants 12) traditional service outlets 13) quick comfort 14) drive through 15) cafeteria 16) buffet 17) smorgasbord 18) diner 19) theme restaurant 20) ethnic restaurants 21) beverage service 22) upscale/luxury 23) family restaurants 24) specialty restaurant 25) delicatessen 26) specialty coffee outlet 27) ice-cream outlet 28) chain restaurant

May 2:  Design a specialty restaurant menu.  Create a menu containing foods of a particular culture/style.  (example:  Mexican, Vegetarian)  You must have at  least 2 for each of the following headings:  Appetizers, Main Courses, Desserts, Beverages).  Provide a detailed description of each item and the price.  Create a name and address/location for the restaurant.  On the back of the menu write a paragraph describing the origins and characteristics of the food style you have chosen.