Sociology 12

Semester 2





Sociology 12 is the study of human relationships which explores the ways in which humans interact.  The aim of the Sociology 12 course is to help students gain a better understanding of themselves, of their role in society, and of society itself. 


The Objectives of this course are as follows:


  1. To help the student develop an interest in their social world that will extend beyond the sociology course itself.
  2. To help the student become aware of the extreme importance of social relationships in human behaviour.
  3. To help the student develop the ability to look at the social phenomena about oneself more objectively instead of viewing the world as one wants to see it or as others want one to see it.
  4. To introduce the student to the basic principles and concepts of sociology as a discipline.
  5. To give the student an opportunity to carry out simple social research so that one can become more involved in the course as well as develop a better understanding of the sociologist as a research scientist.
  6. To help the student become aware of some of the problems of our society, and give one a chance to seek solutions to these problems using methods that are scientifically and logically sound.
  7. To help the student develop a better understanding of different cultures without prejudice or bias by exposing one to the role of historical and environmental conditions resulting in cultural variations.


The text book used in this course is Sociology in our Times by Kendall, Murray, and Linden.


The content of the course will be presented in the following units:


Unit 1:  Introduction

Unit 2:  Methods in Sociological Study

Unit 3:  Culture

Unit 4:  Social Organization

Unit 5:  Population and Human Ecology

Unit 6:  Collective Behavior

Unit 7:  Social Institutions

Unit 8:  Sociology and Social Problems



Evaluation of Sociology 12 will be as follows:


Assignments                 40%

Projects                        25%

Tests                            20%

Journal/Reflections        15%