Tourism 11

Semester 2, 2008

Mrs. Slauenwhite

Dear Student,


Welcome to your Tourism 11 class.  Listed below are the four units that make up the course.  While the length of time spent on each unit may vary, all of them will be dealt with in the months ahead.


Unit 1:  Introduction to Tourism

Students will develop an understanding of the history and development of the tourism industry


Unit 2:  Career Explorations

Students will learn of the essential skills and knowledge needed to embark on a tourism career path


Unit 3:  Transportation, Hospitality, and Adventure Tourism/Recreation

Students will explore occupations and issues relating to transportation, hospitality and, attractions


Unit 4:  Travel Trade, Events and Conferences, and Attractions

Students will explore occupations and issues relating to tourism activities, travel trade, and tourism services.



Evaluation:        Assignments & Homework       45%

                        Projects                                    20%

                        Tests                                        20%

                        Journal                                     15%



References:       Passport:  An Introduction to the Tourism Industry

                        Snapshots:  An Introduction to Tourism


Extra help will be available by request, before 8:30, lunchtimes, or after school.  Late assignments will receive a deduction of 10% for each school day it is late beyond the assigned date.  Plagiarism on assignments, tests, in any form, will not be tolerated.  Consequences for plagiarism and cheating shall be as designated in the Lockeport Regional High School Student Handbook. Exams will be written in June by students in this course who do not earn an average of 70% during the semester.








A personal journal will be used during this course.  It will be a place for reflective writing about the classroom activities.  Journals will be a method to articulate what you have learned, how you have learned it, and what you want to learn next.  The journal will be interactive, where I will correspond with you about your ideas and concerns or respond to any questions.


Your journal will be scribbler, or duo tang type folder.  Over a two week period, you will be required to make a 250 word entry regarding a topic that has been studied or discussed in class.  The theme or subject will be announced for the journal entry at the beginning of the two week period.  The journal will be completed independently based on the guidelines given for that period.  It is requested that students respect the normal writing conventions of the English language in the journal entries.



Dates for the journals will be as follows:


1)      February 15

2)      March 2

3)      March 23

4)      April 5

5)      April 19

6)      May 3

7)      May 17

8)      June 1

9)      June 15