Explorations: homework questions answered. (p.25-26)

1. Why are the Appalachian Mountains generally rounded in appearance?

Answer: The Appalachians are generally rounded because of the effects of erosion, particularly by ice sheets. Below, we have a present day example of this happening in the New Zealand Southern Alps.

Theme Study (A):  Vertical metamorphic sequence    (SITE: 2)
Rock type: Mainly greywacke and schist 
Location: Franz Josef Glacier, Southern Alps, New Zealand

Feature: Cliffs of highly metamorphosed rock, ice-carved glacial valley, active glacier,

KEY POINTS:  Glacier travels downwards into zone of higher grade metamorphism (schists). It collects and deposits rocks of different layers. Glacier has carved steep-walled valley typical of this form of erosion. Glacier periodically advances and retreats.

2. a) Newfoundland and Labrador have the highest point of land in the Atlantic Region.

2. b) Mount Caubvick 1652 metres (part of the Torngut mountain range) is about 200 km from the northern tip of Labrador, close to the Quebec border.

Spectacular Website viewing the Torngat mountain range

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3. a) A lowland area that straddles New Brunswick and Nova Scotia borders the Northumberland Strait. Click for numerous examples of lowlands.

Pétit Étang

John Lusby Area, Chignecto National Wildlife Area, Cumberland CountySalt marsh, Northumberland StraitPomquet Beach





3. b) Prince Edward Island has the largest share of lowlands.

Prince Edward Island National Park of Canada

Prince Edward Island Greenwich, Prince Edward Island National Park of Canada

Prince Edward Island National Park of Canada is home to sand dunes, barrier islands and sand pits, beaches, sandstone cliffs, wetlands and forests. These diverse habitats provide a home for a variety of plants and animals, including the endangered Piping Plover. The National Park also features unique cultural resources, notably Green Gables and Dalvay-by-the-Sea National Historic Site. In 1998, six kilometres of the Greenwich Peninsula were added to the Park to protect unique dune formations, rare plants and animals, as well as archaeological findings dating back 10,000 years.

3. c) The highest point of land in Prince Edward Island is 142 m. in Queen's County.

New Brunswick Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island
Canada | North America | World

Capital Charlottetown
Area 2,185 sq mi
5,659 sq km
(1996 census)
Major Cities
(1996 census)
Charlottetown (32,531), Summerside (14,525)
Highest Point Queen's County
466 feet
142 meters
Industry fishing, food processing, tourism
Agriculture potatoes, beef cattle, hogs, milk, tobacco, seafood (lobsters)
Minerals and Resources fishing

4. Experiment: How fold mountains, like the Appalachians, are formed? Illustrates how layers will buckle and fold under pressure.

map of Appalachian Mountains

5. Fiords are found in coastal regions around the globe, in the higher latitudes of the Northern and Southern hemispheres. They developed along mountainous western coasts where glaciers carved deep chasms through ancient river valleys or along lines of structural weakness (geological).

Fiord -- Alaska,USAAlaskan Glacier

Cessna 180, Kenai Fiords N.P.

                                         New Zealand


Alaskan Glacier







                                   ...more Alaskan fiords


canada05.jpg 28.37 K
The fiords at Gros Morne National Park off the west coast of Newfoundland and Labrador are among the national treasures in a province that's also become a "Center of Excellence" in cold ocean technology and marine sciences.

Labrador and Quebec Border






BONUS SECTION  (Himalayas = Mount Everest 8,850 m. or 29,035 feet)

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