Mes règles (My rules) 

1.   Respect the opinions and answers of others.  Do not criticize!

2.   Always talk using eye contact!

3.   When homework is assigned, do not moan or complain.  You must complete your homework on time, when assigned, no exceptions!

4.   Do not ask for rewards!

5.   Be as organized as possible! When a substitute is present, all classroom rules apply!

6.   Eating is not permitted!  You are permitted to bring water bottles to class!

7.   If you have a question, never keep it bottled up!  I am always available at lunch for questions. 

8.   Do not leave any trash on the floors!  Do not write or deface desks!

9.   Never speak when an authority figure is speaking (teacher, administrator, special guest)

10. Never use an on-line translator!  This defeats the purpose of learning French.


- Be positive and enjoy life!

- Learn from your mistakes and move on!

- Live so that you have no regrets!

- Always be honest!

- Carpe Diem (seize the day)!

- Be the person you can be!


My motto in life is “When your ship sails away, swim out to it.”  To me, this means that you must take life into your own hands and do the extra little bit to succeed.  I believe every student can succeed, in their own way.

Note: Thanks to Mr. Greg Doyle, Graham Creighton Junior High (Cherry Brook)