Investigation Workbooks


Step 1 Watch the video Violet Ashes

Workbook activity:
Notice the many creative ways of adding color to pages. The backgrounds are mostly made with either water colour, or diluted acrylic paint. Notice how black ink markers, paper collage, images covering two pages, meaningful text linked to imagery, photographs, fabric, leaves, newspapers, wool, glue, stamps and post cards are used.
Your activity is to create two pages inspired from what you see in the video.

Updated March 21st, 2013
Step 2 Sample of student  IB workbook pages.  A second guide for making workbook pages can be found here.

Notice the balance between notes and images and how pages relate to the information in step 3.

Step 3 What do I put in my IB workbook?

Step 4 Samples of themes commonly used for art making.

Some IB students find it easier to make a series of art pieces around a theme they like.

Workbook activity:
Select an interesting object, and fill two complete pages with six or more drawings of it from different perspectives. Do not draw from a picture, but rather draw from observation which means having your subject directly in front of you as you draw.
Watch the video Glass Bottle for drawing tips. Notice (1) where the pencil is held  (2) how light the drawing starts  (3) shadow on one side, and (4) value difference (from white to black when finished)

Step 5 Excellent information

Read "How to use the workbook" where you will find student suggestions for what should be done in workbook pages!

Workbook activity:
For this activity, make three more pages for grading. One point to a maximum of ten will be awarded for each suggestion matched in the student blog.


                           Additional Resources

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Checklist for things you should be doing in your workbook.

Blog from an IB school in Florida

Artist's Sketchbooks online.... browse though hundreds of art journals

 Video Inspire - Art Journal with Alcohol Ink