For assessment students will submit:
(in a variety of media selected from the art-making forms table)

    Students analyse and compare different artworks by different artists. this independent critical and contextual
    investigation explores artwork, objects and artifacts from different cultural contexts.

    Compare at least 3 different artworks,
    by at least 2 different artists, with                                           
    commentary over 10-15 screens.
    (Powerpoint or other presentation software)

  2. PROCESS PORTFOLIO:       40%
    Students submit carefully selected materials which evidence their experimentation, exploration, manipulation,
    and refinement of a variety of visual arts activities during the two term course.

    9-18 screens
    The submitted work must be in
    at least two different art making                                              

  3. EXHIBITION:                       40%
    Students submit for assessment a selection of resolved artworks for exhibition. The selected pieces should
    show evidence of their technical accomplishment during the visual arts course and an understanding
    of the use of materials, ideas and practices appropriate to visual communication.

    4-7 with exhibit text for each.
    A curatorial rationale
    (400 words maximum)
                                                                                                                      Source: - ib study guide


Art-making forms
Submitted work must be in at least two art-making forms, each from separate columns of the table below.


Two-dimensional forms Three dimensional forms Lens-based, electronic and
screen-based forms
  • Drawing: such as
    charcoal, pencil, ink
  • Painting: such as
    acrylic, watercolor,oil
  • Printmaking: such as
    relief, intaglio,
    planographic, chine
  • Graphics: such as
    illustration and design
  • Sculpture: such as
    ceramics, found objects,
    wood, assemblage
  • Designed objects: such
    as fashion, architectural,
  • Site specific: such as land art,
    installation, mural
  • Textiles: such as fibre,
    weaving, printed fabric
  • Time-based and sequential
    : such as animation, graphic
    novel, story board
  • Lens media: such as still,
    moving, montage
  • Digital screen based: such as
    vector graphics, software



Choosing a Theme/Area of Focus
Your goal is to choose a topic of high interest to you, one that will maintain your interest during the comparative studies, and art-making processes explored during the two year course. Art-making is always more enjoyable when students have a connection/interest in their subject matter.



Teacher selected
art image themes



Ceramics Glossary

Glazes used in our artroom



1st week of course

Russian Constructivism
Art Journal - investigate the movement for its artistic style

Influence on contemporary art
Video - Form: 3 design projects
Video - Sketches of Frank Gehry
Video - Frank Gehry

Inspired by Naum Gabo
Shoes by Tea Petovic
Candle holder by John Gibbs
Architecture by Frank Gehry
Fashion: The Architectural Runway




Teacher Portfolio



IBO Website



Black Moor

2010 Music Week
Student art
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Lateasha and Alert the Medic

Chrissy Crowley

The Stanfields

2011 Student Art Exhibit