Thumbnail Sketches


Thumbnail sketches, are small practice drawings made during the planning of an art piece. You are probably familiar with thumbnails as small pictures/icons in the world of computers, once clicked, expand to larger images. Artists have used thumbnails for centuries as a way to work through ideas before creating larger art pieces.

Thumbnails are helpful to the artist in other ways too in that they are a time and money saver, as few materials are used during their use.

Things to consider when drawing thumbnails

  1. Thumbnails are usually drawn in a few minutes and no larger than 2 or 3 much time, size and detail is up to the artist.

  2. Thumbnail sketches are used to work through composition before starting larger art pieces.

  3. Artists often experiment with a variety of compositions before choosing one for enlargement.

  4. Thumbnails are used to establish values, shadows and highlights - pencil drawings.

  5. Thumbnails can also be created in colour pencil...(great for abstract art pieces)