" Dedicated to enhancing the learning environment and experiences of African Nova Scotian Students"

Digby Regional High School

Ms. Carmelita Cromwell, SSW Mentor





In December of 1994, the Black Learners Advisory Committee (BLAC) released a report entitled BLAC Report on Education: Redressing Inequity - Empowering Black Learners. In June of 1995, the 46 recommendations contained in the report were accepted by the Nova Scotia Government.

Recommendation 5B was to provide a support person in the school to whom Black learners can go to for assistance. Thus the Student Support Worker Program, already established in Halifax, was expanded across the province.

The primary role of the Student Support Worker (SSW) is to provide support for students of African descent and their families in order to make their schooling a more positive experience, thereby helping the student achieve success and remain in school.

The Student Support Worker Program is under the Race Relations, Cross Cultural Understanding, & Human Rights (RCH) Coordinator for the Tri-County Regional School Board.  Student Support Workers work with the support of the school principals and staff, under the direction of the RCH Coordinator. They work as part of a team, which includes students, parents, principals, teachers, support staff and at times community agencies.





West African symbol of knowledge, life-long education and continued quest for knowledge . . . "He who does not know can know from learning"



Offer positive role models for all students.

Monitor the academic progress of students, in cooperation with school staff, establish a method for tracking that progress and relaying appropriate information to the home.

Provide mentoring and tutoring for students; recommend appropriate heritage and cultural resources for students and staff; promote and support cultural activities and event (i.e. Kwanzaa, African Heritage Month, March 21st, etc).

Consult with Administration and appropriate school staff and external organizations (with an educational mandate) to identify, develop, and implement strategies for decreasing dropout rates.

Work with external educational organizations for stay-in-school strategies and academic success.

In case of suspension, ensure steps are taken to minimize its impact on academic performance.

Establish personal contact with parents and/or guardians.








→Providing support on a daily basis with identified students

→Liaising with staff, parents/guardians, and community

→Being familiar with the histories and circumstances of students

→Identifying the availability of external educational support initiatives such as: tutoring programs, special scholarships, and cultural activities, etc.

→Exploring with students appropriate course selection, as well as post secondary career and education options

→Encouraging daily attendance and punctuality of students

→Providing assistance to staff and students to help make the school reflective of cultural diversity and a welcoming place


Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards



For Further Information on the Student Support Worker Program contact the RCH Coordinator


Tri-County Regional School Board, 79 Water Street, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

B5A 1L4

Phone:  (902) 749-5685

Fax:  (902)  749-5697


Your Local Student Support Worker



Student Support Worker - Contact Information - Base Schools

Digby Elementary School - Mr. Todd Simms

Digby Regional High School - Ms. Carmelita Cromwell

Weymouth Consolidated School  - Mrs. Margaret Smith

Hillcrest Academy -  Mr. Darren Jacklin

Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School - Mr. Steve Berry

Yarmouth Junior High School - Mrs. Marjorie Deion

Yarmouth Central Elementary School - Ms. Melissa Fells


Number of Schools Supported by an SSW (per county): 

Shelburne County - Four Schools

Yarmouth County - Eight Schools

Digby County - Five Schools