1.5 - 2 sturdy binder
school agenda                                                                 May need: loose-leaf                   blue/black pens (enough to last the year)                           colored pencils    

liquid paper                                                                                       pencils           

highlighter                                                                                 creative materials


dividers (6 sections)

dictionary ( pocket size/home)



** Binders must be labeled with: name, subject, teacher and section.

      (Your English binder is to be for English only - not math or French etc.)




**All assignments must be handed in on time, at the beginning of class when they are called for. The teacher will collect them - do not put them on my desk (They will get lost!!)


** Late Assignments :


  Late assignments will not be accepted, therefore that assignment will receive a value of 0%. It is your responsibility to pace your workload to ensure ample time to complete an assignment.

If extenuating circumstances arise (hospitalization, death in the family, other situations that the teacher may feel appropriate), discuss your assignment with the teacher as soon as possible to be able to make alternate arrangements.


**All assignments must be legible or they will be handed back to be re-done, and the resulting mark will reflect its date handed in.

  ** Binder/Course components:         (There will be six sections in your binder)

1- Novels

2- Poetry

3- Exploration (Literature/ short stories etc.)

4- Communication/Grammar

5- Shakespeare -  “Romeo and Juliet”

6- Word Knowledge



  The term breaks down into the following:

         Exam 30%

          Tests/ Quizzes  25%

          In-class assignments 20% (includes projects)

         Class Mark 25% -preparation for class




  ** Due to the fact that the nature of ENG 10 has its majority of learning coming from class discussions, daily /one class assignments, and the overall knowledge gained from the experience of others, it is important that students attend all classes.