Rules and Expectations

1) You are to remain in your assigned seat at all times, unless given permission.

2) You are required to bring all books and materials to class with you when you arrive. You will not be      permitted to go to your locker once the class has begun.

3) Students are expected to stand and remain silent during the playing of our National Anthem.

4) Hats are to be removed in accordance with the school policy.

5) Students are not to touch classroom windows or screens at any time.

6) Students are expected to arrive on time for class. Once the door is closed, class will begin. Late students will not be permitted in, unless accompanied with an acceptable written excuse.

7) Food and/or drinks are not permitted in the classroom, with the exception of water.

8) Under normal circumstances, you will not be permitted to leave the class for bathroom or drink breaks, or to go to your locker.

9) Any form of vandalism will be reported to the office immediately, and will be dealt with accordingly (this includes writing on desks).   

10) Assigned textbooks and materials are the responsibility of the student, and must be returned in an acceptable condition according to the teacher. Replacement of ruined, poor condition, or lost books/materials will be expected.

11) All assignments must be done in BLUE or BLACK ink ONLY. Any assignments completed in pencil or any other color of ink will not be accepted or marked.

12) You are to remain in your assigned seats until the bell signals to change classes. Line-ups at the door will not be accepted.

13) There is to be no personal grooming in class (brushing hair, applying makeup).

14) Students are responsible for making up missed work. ** Students going away on school related events (sports, band, law etc.) are to notify the teacher in advance of the event. Missed work is expected to be made up, but the absence will be recorded as an “excusable”.      

15) Extra help is offered at any given time throughout the year (before school, noon or after school). Simply  ask the teacher, and then set up a time.