In Shakespeare's play, Ariel is a magical being who is enslaved to Prospero because he released her from a tree.  In our play, Ariel is a woodland sprite who has been trapped on the Ragged Island by the evil witch, Sycorax.  She is unable to leave the island unless she helps someone with their problems.  When Ariel meets Josiah and Miranda, she realizes that they can help her break the spell if she assists them.  Ariel gives strength to Josiah's magic.  She is assisted by a flock of sprites who appear whenever she works her magic.  Josiah releases her at the end of the play when he realizes that his magic is not making anyone happy.


My Character, by Lily

Ariel is a sprite.  She is an important character in the play because without her Josiah wouldn't have been able to make Caliban into a man.  Josiah wouldn't have been able to create the storm without her.  Ariel is kind, obedient and never seems to be sad.  I feel good about my character and I'm glad I have the part I do!

My Character, by Danielle

My Tempest Tossed character is a sprite.  I'm usually on stage when Josiah and Ariel are casting spells.  I help with the spells and that's why I'm important.  I'm very happy with my character and I think it suits me very well.  I think since I really like my character it will be easier to pretend to be a sprite.

My Character, by Shanelle

My character is a sprite who helps Ariel.  My character is very nice and very pretty, she is smart and likes to help.  I'm important because I help Ariel with all the spells she makes.  I feel wonderful about my character.  I'm happy I'm a sprite because they are very pretty and are good with magic.

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