My Character, by Cameron

I am acting as Caliban in the play.  I am short, pink, have four hooves and say "Oink".  I am a pig!  Caliban is an important part of the play because I am the one who brings the play together.  I am really glad that I got the part of Caliban because it is who I really wanted to be!


Josiah Churchill arrived on the Ragged Islands with his fishing gear and a pig.  The pig was a source of great interest for the Natives on the island and they spent their first winter together trying to roast the pig on a fire.  Josiah rescued the pig each time.  We decided that Josiah's pig would be a wonderful character to use as Caliban.  In "The Tempest", Caliban is a half-man, half-monster who is the son of the witch Sycorax.  Prospero teaches him to speak and makes him work.  He is not a happy character and he tries to betray Prospero.  Our Caliban starts out as a pig, then becomes half-man, then back to pig again.  He is happier as a pig!


My character, by Jessica

My character is important because the narrator keeps the story going.  The narrator tells what happens in the story.  I am a narrator in the Tempest Tossed.  I like being a narrator because I have a loud voice.

My character, by Vanessa

My character is the narrator.  Narrators fill in little bits of the story.  The narrators are very important because if you missed a bit or didn't get it they would fill you in.  I like my character because I don't have to remember a lot of lines.  I am glad I will be able to  look off the paper.  Narrators are the best and I am glad to be one in the play!

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