Our Count and Process

The Process: brainstorm the bird species we are familiar with.
bulletcomplete a count in our backyards over a three day period.
bulletmake individual graphs of our findings for the birds we recognized, including unknown birds as "other".
bulletdiscover names of birds we did not recognize. Compare graphs.
bulletrevisit our original graphs and include the new information .
bulletComplete a count in our backyards over a one week period.
bulletCreate a class graph with the new count information.
bulletAnalyze our research information.
The Questions:

1.  How many birds did you observe in your backyard during the three day count, and during the seven day count?  What factors (other than counting over more days) might influence the difference in your counts?

2.  How many birds did you recognize in your backyard?  How many birds did you research to find out their names?

3.  When we compared the individual graphs, what factors might influence the types of birds seen in different students' backyards?


Our Species Our Graphs

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