John Locke

My character, by Avery

In our class play, "Tempest Tossed", I am acting the part of John Locke.  He is Josiah's best friend and he has two brothers.  He also has a son, Ferdinand.  In the story, I am important because I go to the island and create a settlement with Josiah and my family.  I do not mind being John Locke even though I am girl.  He has lots of parts in the play so I think I will have fun.


My character, by Julie

My character in the play is one of John Locke's brothers.  He's rich and he came to the island with his brothers.  My character doesn't really say a whole lot.  He is important because he is John Locke's brother and Josiah's friend.  With my character I feel that it will be sort of hard to stand in front of everyone at the play and talk in front of them but I will be able to stand in front of a big crowd and talk aloud while facing them!


My character, by Alex

I am a Locke brother in the play.  My character is brave and adventurous and he travels with his brothers.  The Locke brothers are important because they get to go to the Island looking for Josiah Churchill.  I like the character of a Locke brother because I think he is cool.

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