J o s i a h    C h u r c h i l l

Josiah Churchill was one of the founding fathers of Lockeport.  He came here in 1799 with his pet pig, and spent a lonely winter on the island.  He then went back to Liverpool and took several years preparing to come back and settle.  When he returned in 1805 he brought with him John Locke, his son Enos and the wives and children of the Locke brothers.

We wrote Josiah as the character Prospero in Shakespeare's "The Tempest"

In "The Tempest", Prospero and his daughter Miranda are stranded on an island.  Prospero is a deposed Duke who is bent on revenge against the people who betrayed him.  He has magical powers, and the sprite Ariel is his magical servant.  So is Caliban, a half-man, half-beast living on the island.  In "The Tempest" Prospero causes the storm which shipwrecks his enemies on the island.  He makes them confess their crimes and helps his daughter Miranda to fall in love with Ferdinand.  In the end he renounces his magic and gets his dukedom back.

In our story....

Josiah takes the part of Prospero from Shakespeare's "The Tempest".  He has magical powers that he learns from his magic books.  With the help of the Sprite, Ariel, he makes Caliban speak and he causes the storm that wrecks John Locke and Enos on the island.  Josiah did not have a daughter in the historical story, but we gave him one so that we could work with the plot from "The Tempest".  He did have a son named Enos, and his wife did die while he was exploring.  Although Lockeport is named after the Lockes, Josiah Churchill is credited with being the first to experience the Ragged Islands.


My Character, by Jordan

My character's name is Josiah.  Josiah is a very important character.  In the play, Josiah is a very powerful wizard.  He has to make a storm to sink a boat that his brother and son are on.  In the story, Josiah has a pig named Caliban.  Caliban is not a normal pig, he can talk.  Josiah had a daughter and a son, their names are Miranda and Enos.  Josiah's wife died.  


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