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The Lockeport Lockout

by Danielle and Emily

Danielle:  I did my heritage fair project on the Lockeport Lockout. The lockout started because the workers of the Lockeport company and Swimm brothers plants wanted to organize union for better working conditions. The owners of the two companyís didnít agree and locked the workers out of the plants. They were out of work for eight weeks. It was very hard to get enough food for their families. My favourite part of the project was meeting and interviewing Norman Anderson.

Emily: My Heritage Fair project is about the Lockeport Lockout which took place in the year 1939. The Lockeport Lockout was when the workers wanted to start a union and the plant owners locked them out. There were two plants involved, The Lockport Company and Swimm Brothers. The reason they wanted to go on strike was for better working conditions. For example ,one mug and one pail of water for everyone.

Fishing, by Shanelle

MY project is about the fishing industry meaning how they fished and why . They use to be able to put their net in the water and get fish like that but we can not do that now we have to work a lot harder .The boys use to drop out of school just to go fishing .The best part about a heritage fair project is you learn so much about your parents life and how they used to live and how much fish they ate .My dad is a fisherman.  I like to go fishing it is a part of all our lives its very nice.

Lobstering, by Jeffrey

When I did my project I went on the internet and asked around. I first asked my grandmother Leona she had most of the information and stories.  Then I made a background.  It was fun. 

Lobstering, by Julie

My project is about lobstering and lobster boats. When you go lobstering you have to have the right gear. You have to have all the materials like a suit, a hat, boots, gloves and such stuff like that. You have to have all these materials on a lobster boat: some lobster bands or lobster plugs, lobster traps. Thatís all about my lobstering and lobster boats project.



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