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Maud Lewis by Lily

My heritage project is about Maud Lewis. Maud is a famous Nova Scotia folk artist. She lived most of her life in Digby County. Maud used old boat paint that her husband collected to paint wonderful scenes. Her most famous painting is a picture of her husband’s (Everett Lewis) team of oxen. Maud Lewis usually painted scenes that had to do with her home area. Sometimes the paintings were fictional- like apple trees blossoming in winter. The best thing about doing a heritage fair project is that you learn lots of interesting facts about your topic.

Maude Lewis, by Stacey

My heritage fair project is on the life of Maud Lewis. She was a famous painter who suffered from a disease called Polio. I enjoyed doing my project on her because I learned a lot and it was fun. Despite her disabilities, Maud was still a wonderful painter. It doesn’t surprise me that Maud’s paintings are now very collectible and valuable. She and her husband Everett lived in a very small 3-by-4 meter home in Digby County. Maud sold her paintings to people from inside her home. Maud died on July 30th, 1970,from pneumonia. Everett was murdered 9 years later on New Year’s Day in their small home

Horses and Buggy’s, by Kaitlyn

My Heritage fair project is on Horses and Buggy’s . Horses and Buggy’s were how people got around before cars were invented. Since there were no cars there were obviously no gas stations also. Instead there were livery stables. The horses would go there to feed on hay and drink water. During the winter, people would take off the wheels and put on runners. There were many different types of Buggy’s , such as covered wagons , covered Buggy’s , carriages , sleighs. I got my research from the Ragged Island Historical society and the Library.

Lockeport Streetscape, by Katie

My heritage project is about the Lockeport Family Streetscape. While I was doing the Research for my project I learned many interesting things.One of the most interesting fact I learned was that four of the duellings were built for the children of merchant Samuel Locke. I found this interesting because the four houses were built for immediate family members,and that they built on the same street . The second most interesting fact I learned was that because of the west Indies teade,the town of Lockeport thrived . I thought this was interesting because the town was able to grow and profit from this trade . I think the best thing about doing a Heritage project is that you to learn a lot of new things that you might not have gotten to learn about other wise.

Streetscape, by Jessica

My project is the Streetscape. I found a lot of information on the streetscape. I did not know that there was that much on the Streetscape .Mrs Fisher helped me a lot I am happy that I can ask Mrs Fisher to help me.



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