My character, by Jeffrey

I am a native in the play.  I like to chase Caliban.  Being a native will be exciting because I get to steal Caliban and I really didn't want to be a sprite because I don't want to come out and chant.  I really think it will be exciting because there are other more foolish characters in the play.

My characters, by Emily

In our play I am a sprite, a native and a sailor.  Sprites are fairies that help Ariel and Josiah cast spells.  The sailors are steering the boat when Enos and John Locke and John's brothers are going to find Josiah.  In the play the natives try to steal Caliban to eat because he looks like food.  I feel good about who I am in the play.  I think we will have fun and rock!!

Sailors & the Captain

My character, by Kyle

My character in the play is the Captain.  He is in charge of the ship.  Without the captain the sailors wouldn't know what to do.  I think my character is awesome because he gets to give orders to his men.


My character, by Jared

My character is a sailor on the boat with the captain and other people like Miranda's boyfriend Ferdinand, and her brother Enos.  The boat sinks and the sailors make it safely to shore.

Tempest Home