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The Lockeport Streetscape

Pit Ponies

Maud Lewis

Fishing Industry

World War II: A soldiers life.

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Pit Ponies, by Avery

My project is about Pit Ponies and what they did. A pit pony can haul a cart of coal that weighs two tons! That seems like a lot for a small horse. In the larger mines, where they used regular Ė sized horses, the coal carts might have up to four tons of coal in them! A pit horse was well taken care of. They ate the best feed the company could afford, and there were places for them to drink from in the mines hafts. Pit ponies were a very important part of mining. The best thing about doing a Heritage Project is that you can learn about a completely new topic. I was never too interested in Pit horses until I did my project. It was a fun experience.

The Lights of Lockeport, by Alex and Allan

Mine and Allanís heritage fair project was on Lighthouses. I had a lot of fun when the school and public came to see all the different projects. Gull Rock and Carters Island have been around for about two hundred years. People lived in Gull Rock and Carters Island from early 1800s to late 1970s. I had a great time at the Heritage Fair.

By Allan...My heritage fair was on Gull Rock and Carters Light. Gull Rock was built in1853 and had 15 light keepers from the years 1853-1977. Carters Light was built in1872 and caught fire. My favorite part of the heritage fair was seeing everybodyís project. I canít wait to go to Carters Light sometime and learn more about it.

The Titanic, by Cameron 

My heritage fair project is about the Titanic. I chose this project because I always wanted to find out about the Titanic. One of the Titanic's smokestacks was fake. If the Titanic steered off 10 seconds earlier it would have missed the iceberg . The Titanic was known as the "unsinkable ship" but look where it is now , at the bottom of the ocean.

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