Jonathan Livingston Seagull

By Richard Bach

bulletPublisher: Avon; Reissue edition (January 1, 1976)
bulletISBN: 0380012863
       "Most gulls didn't bother to learn more than the simplest facts of flight - how to get from shore to food and back again. For most gulls, it is not flying that matters, but eating. For this gull, through, it was not eating that mattered, but flight. More than anything else, Jonathan Livingston Seagull loved to fly."
Writing Assignment:

What is your philosophy of life? 

Write at least three paragraphs describing  your philosophy of life .  Can you sum it up in a phrase?

  " The gull that flies the highest, 

sees the farthest."

bulletMINIMUM three paragraphs
bulletMINIMUM five sentences for each paragraph
bulletstrong verbs, descriptive descriptions, proper grammar.
bulletGood copy, double-spaced, one side of loose leaf with a cover page with title, name and date.

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