Tempest Tossed

A retelling of Shakespeare's "The Tempest"

The Ragged Islands, known today as Lockeport, were first settled in the late 1700's by the families of Josiah Churchill and John Locke.  We have taken the story of Josiah Churchill's discovery of Ragged Island and rewritten it... with plenty of artistic license...according to the plot of Shakespeare's play , The Tempest.  We have jiggled characters and events to create a play which tells the story of our history using the conventions of the Bard.  We have poetry, we have song, we have romance and adventure and danger!  It took us five months to write the play, with the help of author Darcy Ryhno.  We also have created artistic props to help us visualize the story with the help of ceramic artist, Alison Stanton.  We made a 3D model of Lockeport complete with ocean, beaches, trees and hills.  And we made polymer clay figures of each of the characters in the play.  This project has been made possible through the generous support of the  Art Gallery of Nova Scotia  and the Arts Smarts Program

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Josiah Churchill


John Locke







Ariel and Sprites                           











Lockeport Island

     Part of our ArtsSmart project was making a model of Lockeport. We started with styrofoam cut to look like the island of Lockeport.  We painted it, and made beaches out of real sand.  We made waves out of cellophane and cotton balls.  We made trees and bushes and wigwams and canoes.  Our model rocks!  We also made models of each of the characters in our play, then we put them on the island to help us see the scenes as we were writing them










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