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WWII:  A Soldier's Life, by Vanessa and Deirdre

Deirdre: Mine and Vanessa’s heritage fair project was about a soldier’s life in World War Two. We chose to write about our grandfathers and relatives because we had more information on them than any other soldiers. When a soldier got captured sometimes they weren’t fed well. They only got one potato or a piece of bread a day. Something that I found interesting was that my grandfather used to fix planes like the wooden mosquito bomber. I think our heritage project is great!!

Vanessa: Mine and Deirdre’s Heritage project is about our grandfather’s in World War II. The most interesting thing that I have learned was when I read about my grandfather’s medal book and medals. The other thing that I found interesting was his war helmet and gas tank. My favorite thing about the heritage project is telling others about my grandfather and all he has done in World War II..


Petroglyphs, by Jordan

My Heritage fair project is about petroglyph’s. A petroglyph is a picture that can be carved in any rock like-substance. Petroglyph’s are similar to the Egyptians hieroglyphics. Both Natives and Egyptians used pictures before words. You can find petroglyphs on the cliffs and rocks of the province. You can find petroglyphs at Keji. The best thing about my heritage fair is that I will know more about the Mikmaq petroglyphs.

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