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Welcome to the Assessment Rubric Prototype Site.

This prototype of an EPSS Web hosted Assessment Rubric Generator will allow users to create an assessment rubrics based on the Atlantic Provinces Education Foundation (APEF) English Language Arts Grade 4 Curriculum.

The Prototype has no application code for interacting with a remote server, but it will let users create rubrics and print the page using the Browser Print command.

The author envisions the final Prototype as oulined in the Design Document to incorporate most of the EPSS features used by RubiStar's excellent Site.

The Rubistar Tutorial used for the Prototype is taken directly from RubiStar. The author was unable to provide a direct link as RubiStar has just updated their site and the page no longer exists in it's present format.

  • Please report your suggestions and comments in the Contact so the author can use them as part of his usability study in testing and evaluating this Prototype.