African Canadian Studies 11 Course Outline



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A)     African Canadian Studies 11 (ACS) is a grade 11 academic social studies course.  The purpose of this course is to inform you, the learner, of the history, traditions, culture and contributions of African Canadians.  You will examine the above on a local, national and international context in order to further your understanding of and for the African Canadian culture. 


B)     This course will allow you to develop a greater appreciation for the local history and culture of African Canadians as well as for the concept of civil rights and equity.  It will also increase your understanding of the personal, cultural, social, and political perspectives of African Canadians.


C)    The structure of the course is as follows:

                        UNIT 1:  Evolution & Change

UNIT 2:  Elements of the African Diaspora

                        UNIT 3:  The Impact of Colonial Expansion

                        UNIT 4:  Understanding Identity

                        UNIT 5:  Independent Study

                        UNIT 6:  In Pursuit of Justice

                        UNIT 7:  The Journey Toward Empowerment


D)    You will participate in a variety of learning experiences through work with literature, discussion, written reflections/journal writing, independent study, presentations, film, technology, music, and guest speakers.


Course Evaluation

 Assignments/Projects              20%

Journal                                    10%

Research Paper                       20%

Tests/Quizzes                           20%

Final                                        30%

                                Total                                      100%