ood day and welcome to my new website.  I hope that you are able to benefit from it in one way, shape or form.  At the moment, I plan to use the site for  a couple of reasons.  First, I would like my students to be able to access particular worksheets, forms and other educational tools or resources from the page.  Second, I would like to post a full schedule of my yearly plan so students will know what it is we will be doing in phys ed. and when (this will likely take place beginning in the new school year - 2007/08).  Finally, I would like to keep an update on particular sports teams within the school by placing their schedules and scores on the site along with stats from the games.  These are a couple of the reasons I have decided to start my own webpage and I only hope there are more uses and possible benefits to come because of it. Thank you, and enjoy!


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