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Weather-related school cancellations and transportation notices



The Rules

No food in the Library.  No gum in the library.

Water in a plastic bottle or reusable beverage container is permitted at the tables. 
Do NOT take water bottles to the computers.

No muddy feet.  If YOU track mud into the Library, YOU clean it up.

Remove your shoes if you want to put your feet up on a chair.

If YOU make a mess, YOU clean it up.  Brooms, dustpans, and mops are available from Mrs. Foster. 

Anyone caught engaging in ANY type of bullying activity will be removed from the Library and reported. 

You may borrow Library materials for two weeks. 

If you are not browsing the shelves, you must be seated.  You may NOT wander around chatting to your friends. 
You MAY chat quietly while seated at the tables.

You may text, but you may not have a conversation on your cell phone.


DuckDuckGo Search Engine

Google Search Engine


Apply online for a WCRL library card (Barrington Passage, Clarks Harbour, Shelburne, Yarmouth, and other branches in the Tri-County area)

Apply online for a Halifax Public Libraries  card.  Free access to the Proquest database comes with membership.



Links to Online Resources


   African Canadian Heritage Studies

   Animal Welfare

   Arts Resources

   Atlantic Books Today

   Atlases and Maps

Be in the know about legal cannabis in Nova Scotia

   Bestsellers and Teen Picks  

   Bibliotheca Alexandrina's  Wayback (aka Internet Archive)


   Books Online

   Breakthrough Junior Challenge



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   Canada's Digital Collections - Archived

   Canadian Business Network

   Canadian Disaster Database

   Canadian Universities Net

   Career Cruising

   Careers Nova Scotia


   Computers and the Internet - Help, Literacy, and News   


   Copyright & Citation

   Copyright Matters - Some Key Questions & Answers for Teachers

Countries of the World, Including Canada (includes currency converter and flags) 



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   Dictionaries and Thesauri 

Digital Rights Management - Canada

   Directory of Open Access Journals

Discovery Education


Ebsco Research Databases    Use the big B word over the gym door as your login and password.
~Tutorials for Ebsco    

   Educational Services from Western Counties Regional LIbrary 

   EHS AED Registry Program (Location of defibrillators in Nova Scotia) 

   Elections Canada

   Elections Nova Scotia



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   Financial and Consumer Services Commission

   First Nations


French-Language Resources


   Genealogy (Find your roots.)  

   Gender and LGBTQ+


   Global Resources

   Green Schools NS


   Halifax Public Libraries

   Health and Medicine

   Help! - Hotlines and Other Resources

   History Resources


   Holocaust Studies

   Homework, Studying, and Writing Essays

   How Stuff Works

   How to Fix Your Stuff


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  The International Dunhuang Project: The Silk Road Online

  Internet Archive (aka Wayback)

   Internet Picture Dictionary

   Internet Safety Resources from the RCMP


    Job Futures

  Kids Help Phone   1-800-668-6868 - Confidential, Free Call

   Khan Academy


   Language Portal of Canada

Law Resources  
   Language Club - Learn the English Language - For ESL Students

   Language Navigator - Government of Canada

   Languages of Canada

   Library and Archives Canada

   Library of Congress

   Loran Scholarship

   Lyme Disease



   Math Resources   

   McGraw-Hill link to the Learning Centres for Their Textbooks

   Miscellaneous Sites



  MyNSFuture - Options for higher education in Nova Scotia

Mythology and Folklore


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   National Geographic - Latest stories

   Navigator Periodical

   Newspapers and Periodicals     (online)

   Nova Scotia Burning Restrictions

   Nova Scotia Virtual School Login Link

   Nova Scotia's South Shore Lobster Crawl

   NSCC's Career in Gear


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   Online Conversion "Convert just about anything to anything else."

Opioids- Information on Misuse & Overdose

   Overdrive App (free) to use with ebooks and audiobooks.  Get it here.

   Peter & Joan Oliver Scholarship - For Shelburne County students pursing a career in the arts or literature

   The Phrase Finder  "The meanings and origins of thousands of English sayings, phrases, idioms
... "

   Project Gutenberg (free ebooks)

   Public Library Website:  Western Counties Regional Library      
  -BARA Service                          


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   Remembrance Day

   Resources for Writers

   Science Resources

   Scout Report

   SHAD Valley Program

   Skills Development Nova Scotia

Skills Canada - Nova Scotia - Trades and Technology Information


   Social Studies


   Specialty Websites (HVAC, Medicine, and more)

   Statistics Canada - Get a Halifax Public Libraries card, and you will have access to the Stats Can database



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   Teachers' Resources

   TED:  Ideas Worth Spreading

   Termium Plus - Government of Canada - Terminology and linguistic data bank.

   Think, Check, Submit - Choose the right journal for your research


   Tick Talk

   Trades - Nova Scotia - Red Seal

   Turning the Pages - Online Gallery of the British Library

   Tutorials About Using Computer Resources - MS Office, Google Suite, Web Skills and more (in pictures)


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   United Nations


   Vessel Trackers

  Voila - Library and Archives Canada - National Union Catalogue



   Western Counties Regional Library   (your local public library system)      



   Writers - Nova Scotia


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Today's Date and Time in Nova Scotia, Canada
BMHS Events Calendar
Canadian Library Association Statement on Intellectual Freedom and Libraries

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