Aquaculture Magazine
Aquaculture North America
Aquatic Species (Canadian government page)
Aquatic Species at Risk (Canada)
American Lobster Settlement Index
Article by Local Fisherman, Tim Smith
Ask the Lobster Doc
Association of Seafood Producers
Atlantic Fishing Methods - History
Atlantic Fisherman
Atlantic Herring
Atlantic Lobster Moult and Quality Project
Atlantic Lobster Sustainability Foundation
Atlas of Distributions of Canadian Atlantic Fishes
AVC Lobster Science Centre
Bedford Institute of Oceanography
Bottom Trawling
Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters
Canadian Independent Fish Harvesters Federation
Cod Collapse
Commercial Fisheries News
Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation
Canadian Fisheries Reseach Network
Coastal Zone Canada Association
COIN - Coastal and Ocean Information Network
District 34
District 34 - Lobster Assessment - DFO
DFO - Interactive Maps and Web Mapping Services
Eastern Scotian Shelf Integrated Management
Fish Farmer
Fish, Food & Allied Workers (Newfoundland and Labrador)

Fish Update
Fisheries and Aquaculture Nova Scotia
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Fisheries Council of Canada
Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic
Fishermen and Scientists Research Society (The Starving Ocean)
Fishery Nation
FIS Canada
Fishing Gear 101
Fishing Gear and Boats - Historical site
Fishing News International (Intrafish)
Fishing Vessels - Certification and Training (Transport Canada, 2011) - Fisheries and Aquaculture Department
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Hatchery International
History of Lobster Fishing and Processing
History of the Northern Cod Fishery
Hook and Line in BC
International Review of Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Jigging - Freshwater
Let's Talk Fish Habitat - Education Resources (Fisheries and Oceans Canada Link)
Lobster from DF&O
Lobster Conservancy
Lobster Council of Canada
Lobster Institute
Marine Institute - Centre for Fisheries Ecosystems Research and MIOceanNet
Maritime Fishermen's Union   
National Data Buoy Center
National Fisheries Institute (US)
National Fisherman

Navigator Magazine
New Study Documents the Dramatic Effect of Industrial Fishing across the World's Oceans
Newfoundland Fishing Stages - History
Northeast Fisheries Science Center (US)
Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization
Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture
Nova Scotia Fish Packers Association
Nova Scotia Fisheries Sector Council
Oceanographic Datatabases
Oceans Act (Canada)
Off the Hook

OPINION: DFO will stifle lucrative industry by stuffing fishermen into new eco-box / Tim Smith.  Chronicle Herald 16 May 2018
Our fishing heritage in the Gulf of St. Lawrence
Pacific Urchin Harvesters
Prince Edward Island Fishermen's Association Ltd.
Purse Seining
Rainbow Net & Rigging (Commerical site)

Seafood Industry in Atlantic Canada
Seafood News

Seafood Source
Shellfish Harvesting
Small craft harbours in southwestern Nova Scotia being studied by Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans, NovaNewsNow 19 June 2018
Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative
Sustainable Fish and Seafood - DFO
This Fish


Underwater World
Working Waterfront (This comes from Maine.  Use the search feature to find information about lobsters, etc.)


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