American Museum of Photography
Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
  Arts Alive
  Bear Woods Supply (Nova Scotia, small wooden items)
  Canada Council for the Arts
  Cape Dorset Art
  The Comics Journal
  Design Exchange - Canada's Design Museum
  Drama resources
  Famous Artworks Exhibition
  First Nations Art
Houston North Art Gallery
  Incredible Art Department
  Industrial Light & Magic (think THX 1138)
  Metropolitan Museum of Art
  Milne- R. Eleanor Milne
  National Gallery of Canada

  Osprey Arts Centre
  Photoshop Tutorials
 Pratt - Christopher Pratt
  Shelburne County Arts Council
  TinEye Reverse Image Searching
  Walters Art Museum's Online Collection
  White Wall Review

Open Access Journals

  Alphaville - Journal of Film and Screen Media
  Bright Lights
  Brock Review
  Cinema: Journal of Philosophy and the Moving Image 
  The Comics Grid
  Depth of Field
  Journal of Film Studies (Kino)
  Journal of Religion & Film
  Online Journal of Art and Design
  Visual Culture & Gender


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