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Inuit (does not include the Yupik)
First Nations


  APTN Investigates: Reliving Indian and Inuit Tuberculosis Sanatoriums
  Arctic Exiles - Forced Relocation
  Canada 150 - From arsenic to exile: 4 northern families on surviving Canada's 1st 150 years
  Inuit Circumpolar Council Canada
  Inuit Associations and Affiliated Organizations
  Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami
  Iqqaumavara - Forced Relocation of Inuit People by the Canadian Government from Inukjuak to Grise Fiord, Craig Harbour and Resolute Bay
  Relocatoin of Inuit People by the Canadian Government from Inukjuak to Grise Fiord, Craig Harbour and Resolute Bay, 2009 Article from The Star
  Ship's Passage Opens Old Wounds for Inuit
  TB and Aboriginal History - Canadian Public Health Association



  Congress of Aboriginal Peoples
  Eastern Woodlands Métis Nation Nova Scotia
  Learn Michif (aka Mitchif, Mechif, Michif-Cree, Métif, Métchif, French Cree)
  Métis Culture and History
Métis Nation - Métis National Council
  Métis Religion and Culture
  The Supreme Court of Canada Rules on the Status of Métis in 2016
  Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture


First Nations by Province
  Indian Tribes of Alberta
  Indian Tribes of Britsh Columbia
  Indian Tribes of Manitoba
  Indian Tribes of New Brunswick
  Indian Tribes of Newfoundland
  Indian Tribes of Nova Scotia
  Indian Tribes of Ontario
  Indian Tribes of PEI
  Indian Tribes of Quebec
  Indian Tribes of Saskatchewan
dian Tribes of NWT


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 Indian Tribal Histories Abenaki to Awatobi
 Indian Tribal Histories Bannock to Brotherton
 Indian Tribal Histories Caddo to Cupeno
 Indian Tribal Histories Dakota to Dwamish
 Indian Tribal Histories Eno to Eyeish
 Indian Tribal Histories Fernandeno to Freshwater
 Indian Tribal Histories Gabrielino to Guasas
 Indian Tribal Histories Haida to Huron
 Indian Tribal Histories Ibitoupa to Isleta del Sur\ Indian Tribal Histories Jeags to Juaneno
 Indian Tribal Histories Kadohadacho to Kwalhioqua
 Indian Tribal Histories Lakniut to Lutuamian
 Indian Tribal Histories Macapiras to Munsee
 Indian Tribal Histories Nabedache to Ntlakyapamuk
 Indian Tribal Histories Ocale to Ozette
 Indian Tribal Histories Paiute to Puntatsh
 Indian Tribal Histories Quahatika to Quinipissa
 Indian Tribal Histories Redwood to Rogue River
 Indian Tribal Histories Saconnet to Swinomish
 Indian Tribal Histories Tacatacuru to Tyigh
 Indian Tribal Histories Waccamaw to Wynoochee
 Indian Tribal Histories Yahi to Yustaga
Indian Tribal Histories Zuni


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  Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada - Search by First Nation
  Aboriginal and Treaty Rights Information System

  Aboriginal Language (from Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk)
  Aboriginal Multi-media Society
  Aboriginal Peoples of Nova Scotia - Fact Sheet
  Aboriginal Peoples in Canada
AFN Youth Digitization Website Project
  Apply for an Indian Status Card
  Arctic Studies Center- Eskimo
  Artistry of the Land
  Assembly of First Nations
  At least 3,000 died in residential schools, research shows
  Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk
  Bone Snow Knives and Tin Oil Lamps
  Canada's First Peoples
  Canada’s prisons are the ‘new residential schools’
 Cape Dorset Art

  CBC Indigenous News

  Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada
  English-Michif Dictionary
 Fact Sheet - Progress Report on Aboriginal and Treaty Rights Negotiations in the Maritimes and the Gaspés
  First Nation Help Desk
  First Nations - What does this mean in Canada?
  First Nations British Columbia
  First Nations Seeker - Directory of North American Indian Portal Site
  Indian Act 1876
  The Indian Act 2015
  Indian Country Today
 Indigenous Self-Governement
  Indigenous and Northern success stories
  Indigenous Services Canada
  Intercontinental Cry
  Ku'ku'kwes News; Independent Indigenous News
  Library and Archives Canada - Aboriginal Heritage
  Maliseet First Nation
  Maliseet Nation Conservation Council
  Map Room -
Thematic mapping products on Aboriginal people, communities and initiatives
MIchif Words
  Mi'kmaq Map - Communites in Nova Scotia
 Mi'gmaq-Mi'kmaq Online
  Mi'kmaq-Wolastoqey Centre (NB)
  Mi'kmaq Spirit
  Native Council of Nova Scotia
  Native Languages of the Americas
  Native Peoples of Canada
North American Indian Population 1996
  Nova Scotia Museum - The Mi'kmaq
  Official League of Nations of North America
  Our Voices, Our Stories
  Paul, Daniel M. - Mi'kmaq Elder - Website with many resources.

 Residential school survivors share horrific experiences - Frank Thomas
  Renewing the relationship: Key documents
  Residential Schools
  Rights of the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada
  Treaties and Agreements
  Treaty of Utrecht and the First Nations of Canada
  Union of Nova Scotia Indians

  Was there a residential school near you?
  Who will sing for us?
  We Were Not the Savages by Daniel Paul - Book available at BMHS Library.
  Where Are the Children?  Healing the Legacy of the Residential Schools