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  Action Bioscience
  Amphibian Species of the World
  Biodiversity Heritage Library
  Biology in Motion
  Biotalent Canada
  Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society
  Canadian Society for Molecular BioSciences
 Committe on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada
  Council for Biotechnology Information
  DNA Learning Center

  Dominica Sperm Whale Project
  Encyclopedia of Life
  Evolution from PBS
  Field Trip Earth
  Future Health Perspectives
  Genetic Alliance Resource Repository
  Gulf of Maine Institute
  Human Anatomy, Physiology, and Diseases
  Human Genome Project
  Index to Organism Names
  Integrated and Distributed Bioinformatics Innovation Centre for Genome Canada
  International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature
  International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  International Union of Biological Sciences
  Journey North.  A Global Study of Wildlife Migration and Seasonal Change
  National Center for Biotechnology Information (U.S.)
Species at Risk Act, Canada
  Plants in Motion
  Virtual Body
  Virtual Frog Dissection Kit
  Whales (in Nova Scotia's Waters)

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  Chemical Elements

  General Chemistry Online
  Interactive Periodic Table
  Kitchen Science
  Newest Chemical Elements - News
  Nobel Prize in Chemistry - Recipients
  Periodic Table of Comic Books
  Periodic Table of the Elements
  Web Elements (Periodic Table and More)

  What's That Stuff?
  Wolfram Chemistry World

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  Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
  Canadian Forest Service - National Resources Canada
  Canadian Forestry Association
  Earth Sciences - Natural Resources Canada
  Earthquake Track
  Earthquakes Canada
Global Volcanism Program
  Live Earthquakes Map
  The Mining Association of Canada
  National Snow and Ice Data Center (US)
  Natural Resources Canada
  Scientists using microscopic helpers in offshore oil and gas search, Chronicle Herald 21 June 2018
  World-Wide Earthquake Locator
  World's largest offshore-earthquake research centre to open in Halifax, CBC 18 June 2018


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 Academy of Natural Sciences
  Canadian Permaculture
  Community-based Environmental Monitoring Network
  David Suzuki Foundation
  Earth Day Canada
  Ecosystem Indicator Partnership
  Ecotrust Canada
  Environment Canada
  Environment Directory
  Environmental Chemistry
  EPA - U.S.
  Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
  Gulf of Maine Institute
  Invasive Species in Canada
  National Farmers Union (Canada)
  Nova Scotia Environment
  Online Access to Research in the Environment
  Sea Shepherd

  Sustainability  - The Franklin Institute
  Statistics Canada - Environment
  United Nations Environment Program
  West Nova Eco Site archives

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   Adventures in Science and Technology
   Animal Welfare
   Autopsy of a Murder - Solve the Crime
   BBC Science in Action
   Birds of Canada
   C.S.I. - Web Adventures
   Canadian Museum of Nature
  The Canadian Science and Engineering Hall of Fame
  Canadian Sciences Advisory Secretariat
  Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre
  Committe on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada
   Eric Weisstein's World of Scientific Biography
   Explore!  Marvel Moon
   FACETS Journal
   Famous Canadian Physicians
   Franklin Institute
  Gulf of Maine Institute
   How Stuff Works
   International Space Station
   International Union for the Conservation of Nature
   Invasive Species in Canada
   Journey North.  A Global Study of Wildlife Migration and Seasonal Change
   Mad Sci Network
   Made in Canada - Patents and Invention and the Story of Canadian Innovation (archived document only) 
   MIT's On-Demand Videos
   Molecular Expressions - Science, Optics, & You
   National Research Council Canada
   NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
   National Research Council's Publications Archive
   National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
   Open Access Peer-Reviewed Journals and Open Access Books from Intech's Nova
   PhET Interactive Science Simulations
   Safina Center
   Sanger Institute
   Science Dump Videos

   Science Hobbyist
   Science Kids - Fun Science and Technology (games, etc.)
   Science News
   Science North (Ontario) Cool Science
   Science World (Wolfram)
   Scientific American

   Scientific Research Open Access Journals
   Simbad Astronomical Database
   Smithsonian Libraries Dspace Repository
   Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and Outreach
   Texas Instruments Apps Downloads
   Texas Instruments - Student Zone
   Vsauce and Vsauce3   (These are fun science sites on Youtube and are not being offered as authoritative resources)
   Well-known Canadian Scientists

   Youth Science Canada

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  Aquatron Lab at Dalhousie
  The Arctic Council
  Atlantic Canada Deepwater Coral Identification Sheets
  Atlas of the Oceans (UN)
  The Bay of Fundy
  Beford Institute of Oceanography
Canadian Circumpolar Institute
  Canadian Healthy Oceans Network
  Centre for Marine Biodiversity
  Coastal and Ocean Information Network
  Coastal Temperature Climate, eastern Canada - DFO
  Coastal Zone Canada
  Fishermen and Scientists Research Society (Halifax) - Home of "Hook, Line, and Thinker"
  Fisheries and Aquaculture Nova Scotia
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  Fishes of Atlantic Canada
  Free the Leatherback
  Gulf of Maine Institute
  International Arctic Science Committee
  International Ocean Institute
  Marine Affairs Program Dalhousie University - Search "publications" or a specific topic.
  Marine GIS at the New England Aquarium
  Marine Stewardship Council
The Navigator Magazine
  NOAA Comprehensive Large-Array Data Stewardship System
  NOAA's Undersea Research Program
  Northeast Regional Association of Coastal and Ocean Observing Systems
  Ocean Radiometry
  Ocean Remote Sensing
  Ocean Tracking Network
  Ocean Viewer (Temperatures)
  Oceans North Canada
  Protecting Oceans - Government of Canada
  Scientists using microscopic helpers in offshore oil and gas search, Chronicle Herald 21 June 2018
  Starving Ocean
  VEMCO Acoustic Telemetry

  Whales (in Nova Scotia's Waters)
  World Ocean Observatory



  Alberta researchers spot new fossil species - and its lunch, Chronicle Herald 20 June 2018  
  Biodiversity of the fossil record
  Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre
  Career as a Paleontologist
  Dinosaur News
  Dinosaurs:  Facts and Fiction
  Evolution - PBS
  Evolution of Birds
  Evolution of whales
  Follow a Fossil
  Fossil Succession
Fundy Geological Museum
  Geologic Time
  Geologic Time Spiral
  The Great Ice Age
  Hominid/Human Evolution (lots of photos)
  How Stuff Works - Fossils
  How Stuff Works - Paleontology Page
  How to Hatch a Dinosaur
  Introducing Paleontology
  Joggins Fossil Cliffs
  Major Divisions of Geological Time (Mud Fossils)
  Mammal Evolution
Natural Resources Canada - Geology
Nature of the Fossil Record (a reading)
  Nova Scotia Museum
  Numeric Time Scale
  Palaeocast - Paleontology Podcasts
  Paleontological Society
  Paleontology Permits - Nova Scotia
  Paleontology Portal
  Radiometric Dating
  Relative Time Scale
  Royal Tyrrell Museum
  Understanding Evolution
  University of California Museum of Paleontology
  Virtual Museum of Canada
  What is a fossil? - Oxford University Museum of Natural History
  What is Paleontology?

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  Acceleration and Deceleration
  American Institute of Physics
  Balsa Bridge Building Contest
  Bicycle Aerodynamics
  Displacement and Distance
  Einstein Archives
  Famous Curves
  Hippocampus - Videos and Simulations
  Light and Matter
  The Little Shop of Physics
  Nuclear/Atomic Energy
  Particle Physics Glossary
  Physics Central
  The Science of Cycling

  The Science of Hockey
  Speed and Velocity
  Wolfram Physics World
  The Wonders of Physics

Open Access Journals (Portals to academic papers in the field of science)

  Academia Publishing
  BMC - Biomed Central
  Journal of Chemical, Biological and Physical Sciences
  Journal of Current Research in Science
  McGill Science Undergrad Research Journal
  Nature - International Journal of Science
  PLOS - Public Library of Science


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