511 - Road Conditions (Government of Nova Scotia)
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  CBC Storm Centre
  CBC Weather
  Climate Zone
 CTV News
  Farmzone  14-day trend (defaults to Yarmouth County)
  FlightAware Live Flight Tracking (Flights in and out of the US)
 Frankie MacDonald's Weather Reports
  Halifax Stanfield International Airport Flight Information
  History of #Stormchips
  Mars Weather
  MeteoEarth - Get the app
  National Hurricane Center (NOAA)
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  Nova Scotia - Current Highway Conditions  (Government of Nova Scotia)
  Nova Scotia Highway Cams
  Nova Scotia Department of Transporation and Infrastructure Renewal - Winter Page
  Nova Scotia Radar Map
  NS Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal - Tweets
  Nova Scotia Power Outages
  Nova Scotia Weather (Baccaro, but you can change the location)  Environment Canada
  Online Guide to Meteorology
  Provincial Plow Tracker
  Provincial Plowing Service Levels
Space Weather Center
  Tri-County Regional Centre for Education  - Check for weather-related school cancellations here.
  Weather by Day - Cindy Day
  The Weather Network
  "When will my road get plowed?"  (Winter Maintenance Standards)
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