Inherit the Wind Assignment

Do one of the following:

1. Create the front page of a newspaper which reports on the verdict in the

    case of The State VS Bertram Cates. Demonstrate your close reading

    and understanding of the play in your work.

2. Make an INFORMATIVE poster. This poster should have write-ups,

    pictures, etc. depicting the theme of Inherit the Wind.

3. In a group, select  a scene from the play for dramatization.

4. A teacher in a public school system is suspended from his job for reading

    the Book of Genesis to his English class. He is charged with teaching

    religion in the public schools, a violation of state law. A hearing is held to

    determine whether or not this teacher should be reinstated. Would you be

    counsel for the defense or for the prosecution at this hearing? Take either

    stand, explain how you would conduct your case.

5. Research the Scopes trial which took place in Dayton, Tennessee, during

    July of 1925. In a report, compare this trial with the trial in Inherit the

    Wind. .Note the significant parallels and the significant differences. If you

    choose this question, MAKE SURE IT IS IN YOUR OWN WORDS.