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                                        Macbeth Project


                A project completing the study of Shakespeare’s Macbeth is due on _______________________. This project may be done individually or as a group

effort, and may take a written, oral, visual, or kinesthetic form.


Suggestions are:

1. Research the origins of Macbeth.

2. You lived during Macbeth’s reign, and kept a diary. Submit entries following major


3. Create a Scottish daily newspaper, recording major happenings in Macbeth’s day.

4. Assume the role of theatre critic for a newspaper, and write a review of the latest

    production of Macbeth , being sure to include specific judgements and opinions, and

    details of character and plot.

5. Research the clothing of the Elizabethan era.

6. Rewrite Macbeth as a one-half hour sit-com.

7. Rewrite Macbeth as a fairy tale for children. Make it in a book form and include eye-

    catching artwork.

8. Write a poem telling the story of Macbeth   .

9. Act out a scene before the class.

10. Perform a monologue before the class  - a recitation of a passage from  Macbeth. .

11. Videotape a passage or scene from  Macbeth .

12. On videotape, be a TV news reporter and give “the news of the day” reflecting any

      occurrences during Macbeth’s reign. This could be a group effort with a news

      anchorman reading the news, and then checking in with the roaming reporters.

13. Make a flip-it book portraying a quote from  Macbeth .

14. Make a poster or large-scale drawing  from  Macbeth   .

15. Draw a detailed map with a legend of Scotland.

16. Make a model castle or a sculpture.

17. Create a computer game dealing with  Macbeth   .

18. Write the soundtrack for the movie.

19. Make a costume from the Elizabethan era.

20. Prepare some Elizabethan food, submitting authentic recipes.

21. Create a boardgame called ‘Macbeth.’

22. Create an activity book containing a crossword puzzle/ wordsearch/ maze (at least)

      dealing with the characters / events of the play. (Supply answer keys.)

23. Do a paper mache project.

24. Make a wood burning.

25. Your choice.