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English at Plymouth School 2009-2010

Grade 3/4


Grade 7

Homework and outline.

Grade 8
Outline and Homework
Grade 9
Outline and Homework

What's going on in the English Classroom at Plymouth??

November- Grade 9.  Students just finished a poetry unit and had written a poem with regards to Remembrance day to end off the unit.  Next?  Students will be reading and studying Romeo and Juliet. This is going to be a very good unit.  Can't wait!!
November-Grade 8.
 Students just finished a unit on short stories.  Students will be doing a Remembrance day writing activity before Remembrance day. Next?  Students will be reading and studying the novel  The Outsiders.  This is usually a very interesting book that many students can relate to and remember for years to come.
November- Grade 7.
 Students just finished a short story unit.  Right now they are in the process of creating their own short story that requires many elements.  They have begun their rough copies and they are looking really good.  Can't wait to hear them later in the week.

September-All students in grades 7-9 were required to complete an abstract painting representing the mood in their novel.  They also had to pass in a brief paragraph explaining what their symbols/strokes meant and how the colors represent the mood of the novel so far.  Take a look at the wonderful job each grade did.  (For a closer look walk through the jr. high wing.  They are posted in the hallway.)