Hilton Artifacts

Capt. Hilton was one of the last Yarmouth captains who sailed "deep sea" in square-rigged ships. The Hiltons collected artifacts from all over the world. The watch was presented to Capt. H. S. Hilton for saving the crew of the vessel Clifton. There are official papers and a ship shares certificate. In a small box are magnifying glasses for use with a compass.

This is a writing desk with a calendar built in..

These artifacts come from Japan. below are pots from 1947. On the upper shelf are carved wooden people and animals, plus a plate from 1947.       

Here are more Japenese artifacts from 1947 Below are vases and a man in glass. There is also a fan from 1946, as well as more carved figures.

This is a kimono, shoes and a pot in a basket, all from Japan.

The two swords on the left are from Shinguto Samurai guards. They were brought back by Capt. Bradford R. Hilton on the barque Abyssinia, which he captained from 1885 to 1896. The gold handled cane belonged to Herbert Hilton, a prize for being the first to arrive at Montrˇal after the winter ice break-up on the St-Laurence, April 1920. The silver handled cane was Capt. David Hilton's.

Here are opera glasses, a box of self-lighting birthday candles, pen holders and three carved shells.

The  Hilton Family

Hilton Vessels

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