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The Hilton Family was BIG sailing FAMILY! There were 35 master mariners descended from the first Yarmouth Hilton. Their family was very important to Yarmouth.

Amos Hilton (1738-1811) came from Manchester Mass. to Hilton Head near Kelly's Cove in 1765.

Some of his descendants

name birth-death vessels
Amos Hilton II 1761-1851 Adventure (schooner)
Swallow (schooner)
Stilson Hilton 1807-1880 Princess Royal (brig)
Annie M. Law (ship)
Thomas Perry (barque)
William Law (ship)
Asia (ship)
Bradford Hilton 1845-1928 M & E Robbins (barque)
Kate Sancton (barque)
George Bell

Arthur Hilton was going to go to Yarmouth on vacation on the Titanic but the man who was going to fill in for him was sick. Arthur was called back to work and so he didn't go on the Titanic for vacation!!!

This is Arthur Hilton

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Arthur & Marion The Hilton girls Cora, Marion & Fiddle Marion's Tea party
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Arthur & Marion Marion says, "Land ho!" Cora & Marion Marion & Fiddle

The Hilton house on Baker Street

By: Kayla Doucette

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