Kay Ladd 

This picture is Kay Ladd and her dog Pilot.

This cradle is Kay's cradle when she was little on her barque Belmont. She was on that vessel 1 through 12 years old! Can you imagine? Being on a ship until you were 12! 

Here is Kay with one of the sailors who looked after her.

In these pictures Kay is getting a bath in a barrel. The sailor dipped a bucket in the ocean and poured the cold water over her (left). In the right hand picture the cook is putting a PIG in the barrel with Kay! She screamed!

This is the Belmont, the barque that Kay grew up on.

This photo of Kay Ladd's vessel the Belmont. Do you see the orange circle? In that orange circle that's a hole from Captain Fredrick Ladd's 0.22  gun that Kay Ladd was playing with one day and by an accident she pulled the trigger and the bullet went right through and made a hole right in one of the sails!

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By Laura Trefry

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