TheKelley Family 

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The Kelley family was an important seafaring family. Kelley's Covenear Yarmouth was named after the Kelley family. There wereseven brothers who were sea captains. Here are their names with theirships.

James Kelley  Martha (brigantine)
John D Kelley Independent  (brigantine) 
Flirt (brigantine)
Rose (brig)
Robert Kelley  Queen Charlotte  (brigantine)
Lord Exmouth (brig)
Samuel Kelley Abigail (brigantine)
Silas Kelley Tory (brigantine)
Israel Kelley  Mazepa (schooner)
W. Kelley Conservative (brig)


Albert Kelley Silas Kelley 1794-1874

This was the Kelley home on Main St. The first owner was JohnD. Kelley. It is now a restaurant.

By: Taylor Kini

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