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Samuel B Davis was born in 1843. He was captain of the ARLINGTON. One night in  December 1891 he dreamed that there was a ship in trouble, but he didn't just dream that there was trouble, he also dreamed the exact place it was: Lat. 52, 30`N. Long. 21, 20`W. So the next day he told his crew to turn the ship around to find it, and they found it sinking. They saved the crew with a new life boat they were carrying. When they returned to land Captain Samuel B. Davis was awarded a gold watch.

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The watch on the right was Samuel's prize. This is Samuel B's Christmas Store on Main St. in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, where they sell Christmas decorations. 

 The R.H. Davis store was started by Samuel's son and it is still owned by the Davis family. The Samuel B's Christmas store is part of the business.


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