R.H. Davis

Location: 361 Main Street

Items: office supplies, and gifts. 

R.H. Davis is where Samuel's family ended up, butof course that was a long time ago!  

The building was built by George H. Lovitt, who put his initials on the date block and corner window posts. (Click under the top center window to see it up close)

In Yarmouth Past & Present, a Book of Reminiscences, (J. Murray Lawson, 1902) it says, "George H. Lovitt's block, east side of Main St. was completed in December, 1896. It is 36 feet front and 100 feet deep, is of brick, three stories. The building is heated with hot water. The brickwork was done by Churchill & Burton, the plumbing and heating by G. J. Morton, and the carpentering by Norman Crosby."


Samuel B. Davis

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