The Voyage of Many Rudders 

On November 10,1866 the ship Research, 1459 tons, left from Quebec for Greenock, Scotland with a cargo of timber. The captain was George W. Churchill, age 29; his mate was his nephew Aaron Flint Churchill, age 16.

They ran into a storm and the rudder broke and Aaron Flint Churchill said, "if we make another rudder I can go down and fix it." He had to take of all his clothes and than he had to go over freezing water to fix the rudder. The first time he went over the side for an hour and a half and when he came back up he was unconscious. When he woke up he went over the side again for an hour and 45 minutes.

10 times through the storm they had to fix the rudder.

When the ship Research made it to Greenock and when they made it back to Quebec Aaron Flint Churchill got a lot of rewards like a watch and a sextant and a compass. For more about this click here.
This is a model of the ship Research.








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