Andthe Webster family~

The steel 4-masted bark Iranian of  Workington, Cumberland, England, registered tonnage2797(but almost 3000 tons), commanded by  Captain Isaac Webster is making avoyage from New York to Yokohama Japan.

There is one NovaScotian aboard, Scottish, English, Irish, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Americanand African are all represented.

On board, the ship's doctor, Charles A. Webster,the Captain's nephew, wrote adairy. I've got the dairy all about his trip to Japan because the captainwas my great great great great grand-father!

This is a portrait of the Iranian,  the giftthat Captain Isaac Webster gave to his wife and she give it to her nephew.  

Here are a few photos that were taken on boardthe ship...

In Yarmouth there is a marble lady,  themarble lady is popular in Yarmouth for her grave stone. 

This is the marblelady, her son was the Captain of theIranian, her nephew was the doctor.

This is what is on the stone:

"Margaret Lindsay McNaut Webster wife ofF.A.Webster , born in Glasgow Scotland 1819, died August 27 1897  in Yarmouth Nova Scotia.

CaptainIsaac Webster son of  Dr. Frederick & Margaret Webster,  born Dec. 41850,  died Feb. 27 1897 on ship Iranian in YokahamaJapan.  

FrederickAugustus Webster son of Dr. Isaac, Born Kentville Nova Scotia Jan 15 1807 diedin Yarmouth N.S. Mar. 1879."

Six Websters havebeen doctors, like my father and grandfather, who have used 12 Parade St.for their office.

 You've just beentaught Webster history! 

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