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Rubbing Shoulders With Our Forebears
a heritage project for the 250th anniversary of Yarmouth Township
by the 5-Rideout Class of Arcadia Consolidated School, 2010-2011

250 years ago, on June 9, 1761, the first three families of our English forebears arrived at Chebogue aboard the Pompey Dick to establish the Township of Yarmouth. Others soon followed them, and over the years the Township grew. People built homes, children were born, and - as it goes - people died.

This project, Rubbing Shoulders With Our Forebears, is a tribute to those who came before us, recording through the medium of gravestone rubbings the markers left to remind us of their lives and contributions to our community.

This special project for Yarmouth's 250th anniversary celebration (new window) was created by the students of the grade 5-Rideout class at Arcadia Consolidated School in 2010-2011, under the guidance of teacher Jim Rideout, and with the help of a Professional Development Assistance Fund grant (read the proposal) from the Nova Scotia Teachers Union.

In October the students traveled to Chebogue Cemetery at Town Point (grave dataproperty data: new windows), near where the first English settlers arrived on June 9, 1761, and where some of those original settlers are buried. They did gravestone rubbings of those early arrivals, as well as of other significant and/or interesting people from Yarmouth's past.

Afterwards, they went to the Yarmouth County Museum & Archives (new window) where Archivist Jamie Serran had prepared research materials for them. Each student then wrote about the person whose stone they had rubbed.

The final project officially opened June 16, 2011, with the rubbings, write-ups, and photos of the stones displayed on 19 of the school's hallway bulletin boards behind fire-safe glass purchased with the PDAF grant. The displays were further decorated with the student's names spelled out in sailing ship signal flags. Photos of the students rubbing stones and researching at the Archives were also on display, along with photos from the reenactment of the landing of the first English settlers.

The rubbings, photos of the gravestones, and write-ups will be held in perpetuity by the Yarmouth County Museum & Archives as part of the historical record of the Township.

The links below take you to pages with the write-ups, and photos of the rubbings and the stones. They are in a rough chronological order.

(all photos by Jim Rideout unless otherwise indicated)

Moses & Elenor Perry
first arrivals - June 9, 1761
Paige Corporon, Maddie Nickerson
Hannah & Ebenezer Ellis
first arrivals - June 9, 1761
Destiny Gallagher, Levi Blanchard
Jonathan & Hannah Crosby
second arrivals -June 11, 1761
Jacob Jacquard,
Harmon Grimshaw-Surette
Lemuel Churchill
early arrival - 1762
Jennifer Lane
Capt. Ephraim Cook
early arrival - 1762
namesake of Cook's Beach
Hunter Cottreau
Margaret Morgan Kelley
wife of Capt. James,
namesake of Kelley's Cove
Nathaniel Williams-Penney
Rebecca Bartlett
descendant of Mayflower family
died young
Jonah Bartlett
two Arabella's
infant daughters of
John & Matilda Savage
Ciara Jeffery-Bent
Jeremiah Allen 3rd
descendant of grantee of
Sunday Point
Michanda Romard
Capt. John & Zilpha R. Hilton
from a long line of sea captains
family of Hilton Rd., Rockville
Jonah Bartlett, Nick Purdy
Maria K. Scott
descendant of first preacher
died young
Britt Benham
Capt. William Hammond
lost at sea
Jalisa Fells, Josee Saulnier
Capt. James Hatfield
lost at sea
Kyle St. Louis
Jesse James Wyman
first postman
Wyatt Gates
Maggie L. Mahoney
daughter of James Wyman
Blake Doucette
Peter Stewart
tragic shipwreck
Jill Deveau
Capt. Isaac Webster
died on a voyage to Japan
Nick Purdy
Capt. Jacob Goreham Hatfield
lost at sea
Chloe Deveau
children of Capt Abram Hatfield
five lost to disease in 16 days
Justin Blauvelt-Harvey
Capt. Harry H. Cook and
Capt. Francis G. Cook
ancestors of Cook's Dairy
Naomi Deveau
Francelia Nagle
historian and Arcadia teacher
Michanda Romard

Other pages of pictures and information.

Rubbing stones at
Chebogue Cemetery, Town Point
& researching at the YCM Archives
October 2011
The June 16, 2011 opening
and Displays in the new cases

Certificate presented to the class by the Municipality of Yarmouth

Arrival of the first English settlers
June 9, 1761
Reenacted at Anthony Park, Chebogue
June 9, 2011
Project background

Student speeches & comments

Acknowledgements &
opening ceremonies guests
Original project proposal