Y.C.M.H.S.  Math 10

Mrs. Rogers   Rm. P 208

Course Outline


Text   Mathematical Modeling Book 1


In the first term we will cover

                                    Chapter 3  Patterns, Relations, Equations, and Predictions

                                     Chapter 4  Modeling Functional Relationships

                         Chapters 1 and 2 may be given as independent assignments.

Tentative Evaluation

                                    Tests                                                              25 %

                                    Quizzes                                                           15 %

                                    Assignments                                                   15 %

                                    Binder Checks                                                 10 %              

                                    Note Scribbler                                                    5 %

                                    Final Exam                                                    30 %


                                    Total                                                                100 %



Students will be given the due date of assignments when they are assigned. It will be the student's responsibility to have the assignment in on or before the due date. Late assignments must have an explanation or will not be marked. Any late assignment, with explanation may be deducted 10 % for each day late.


Any student who has an excusable absence and who passes their assignment in on the first day of their return will not be penalised.


Your Math binder should only contain one subject, MATH.

It should be divided into the following sections.


1.      Class work. Work should always be dated and the page numbers from the text identified.


2.      Assignments. All marked assignments need to be in this section.


3.      Math Notes. 3-ring Hilroy scribbler preferred.


4.      Tests and Quizzes





Students are expected to arrive on time for class. Students will not be permitted to enter class late without a reasonable written excuse.


Students must come to class prepared with all required materials.


Hats are to be removed in class, in accordance with the schools rule.


Walkman and/or Discman are not to be on or worn during class.


Any vandalism, including things such as marking on desks, is not acceptable and will be reported to the office and dealt with accordingly.


All textbooks and materials handed out to students are the responsibility of the student. Students must care for them properly and insure things are returned in good condition. Make sure you return the book assigned to you.





Materials Required

Loose-leaf and binder


Pens and pencils

Calculator able to do trigonometric functions

Graph paper

Mathematical set




Most important A good attitude