Grade 6R Newsletter / Communication Plan 2016/17
Dear Parents / Guardians:

Welcome back to this new school year. We are planning many new and exciting activities for the year. We are located in Room 203, upper level north end. 

As members of this class, we realize that the guidelines used in our classroom are all based on the 2R’s: Respect and Responsibility. Discipline is expected to be minimal with a good class, and will entail immediate conference, individual conferences, calls home, detentions, and finally reports to the office should a serious incident occur.

Students are to use a homework 'Agenda' (the school is asking for a $5 donation) to keep you informed of homework, upcoming events, and matters of common concern. Please sign this each day and feel free to use it to correspond to me about any concerns. Homework can also be confirmed on our webpage at

The following is a brief outline of what we will be covering in the Grade 6 Curriculum: (some help is available on our website).

Language Arts: The students will be given ample opportunities to develop their four main communication skills - reading, writing, speaking, and listening. We will study novels as a class, in Literature Circle groups, and independently. We will be Reading Buddies with Mrs. William's Grade 1 class. We will engage in creative writing exercises employing the WriteTraits program, and the computer lab. The spelling program will be a Word Study and marked in context. We hope to repeat a successful Book Launch Day.

Math: The students will be using the text Math Makes Sense (revised). We will be using word problems and manipulative materials in problem solving,  Problem of the Week (due each Friday), and mental math lessons to build basic skills. Students will be able to upgrade their test scores throughout the year through the 'Math Rehab.' in our classroom.

The following subjects are referred to as the Integrated Learning Block on the schedule
This will entail explicit subject instruction (Health, Information Communication Technology, Science, Social Studies, Visual Art with multiple opportunities to integrate Language Arts and Mathematics outcomes).

Science: Our topics this year are Diversity of Life, Space, Flight Technology, and Electricity (optional). There is a text, Nova Scotia Science 6, which will be used as a resource, but we will make use of a hands-on approach, as often as possible and practical, textual resource materials, handouts, and notes. We are beginning our eleventh year of  GrowLab. This is a year long project on germination, propagation, and experimenting with plants, with the school garden, and Tomotosphere.

Social Studies: We will be using the Social Studies Guide to study from the First Peoples to industry of today. There will be reading, videos, notes, handouts, and questions to be answered. There will be at least two or three projects this year.

Health:  Through a variety of resources we will enhance the students’ abilities to make healthy choices for themselves, both physically and emotionally. 

Art:  The students will be exposed to a number of skill lessons to enhance various art techniques and perspectives, as well as seasonal and cross-curricular integration.

Evaluation: Tests: These will be given in most subject areas at the end of each unit and smaller units, assessment and evaluation will be assessed on course outcomes. These will be recorded on our webpage and  students will copy into their Agenda several days in advance of the test. Tests are to be signed by you and returned to school to be recorded as signed.
Projects: These will be a combination of efforts at home and at school. Students will be given specific instructions on how to do each project, often with options to choose from. Research skills will be taught at school and opportunities to do research provided as the library and computer lab can be made available.  PowerPoint projects will be assigned and published on our website.

Parties: There will be three parties this year: Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines. The class will be divided into three groups each responsible for providing treats and planning the party (with teacher help and veto). 

Outings: We also hope to go on a number of outings this year. We are hoping to have a major trip to Halifax for all grade six students. Any help you can offer as a chaperone would be greatly appreciated. If you do plan to accompany us on any trips you must first be processed through the Child Abuse Registry (if you have not already done so) per Board policy.  

Cafeteria time for Grade 6 is 1:10 - 1:25 p.m.
Students are not permitted to go to the mall for lunch unless signed out by the parent.
Each child is requested to bring a box of Kleenex.
Students are not to arrive at school before the first bus at 8:35, and then to proceed to their classroom for the morning.
We are a gum free school inside and out.
We are a food sensitive school. Any food product that contains tree nuts or eggs is not permitted.
A written excuse is required for all absences. This may be written in a note, in the homework notebook, or emailed.
The PAL program will be recognizing students “Caught Doing Good”.
Photos are scheduled to be taken September 22
Students may no longer use thumbdrives between home and school. We have some in the classroom and students may bring their own which will be kept by the teacher for school use only. To transfer data the student is working at home you may email it to me.
Cell phones are to be turned into the office upon arrival and picked up at the end of the day.

I am looking forward to working with your child this year. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

St.Clair Roache


Grade 6 R Parent Response

                                                Student Name ________________              Student #_______

Please indicate your interest in being involved in any of the activities listed below:

Each student will serve on one party committee and be responsible for the treats and games. Parents/students will be given the party of their choice if possible. Please indicate with numbers 1-3 your preference.
The class party I would most like to supply treats for is:
Halloween ________
Christmas ________
Valentines ________

Chaperone bus trips? ___________
Chaperone Halifax trip ? ___________ Are you already on Child Abuse Registry? _________ (good for 5 years)
I would like a form for Child Abuse Registry __________

I have read the Grade 6R Newsletter: _________________________________________

What I would like Mr. Roache, my child’s teacher, to know about my child: (this will be kept confidential)