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Human Body Fact Sheet  
Use the information that you will find on the web site "A Look Inside the Human Body" to complete the following questions.  
1.  What are the four major systems of the human body?  
_______________________                 ______________________  
_______________________                 ______________________  
Skeletal System  
2.  What are the 3 major jobs that our skeleton does?  
_______________________________          ______________________________ _______________________________  
3.  How many bones does a newborn baby have?  
4.  How many bones does an adult have?  
5. Why does a baby have more bones than an adult?  
6. Label the bones in this skeleton:  
Respiratory System
7. What does the body take in when we breathe?  
8. What are the small air balloons in our lungs called?  
9. What color do blood cells turn when they pick up oxygen from the alveolies?  
10. What is the name of the muscle that controls the breathing process?  
11. What is the highest recorded "sneeze speed"?  
12. Label this picture of the Respiratory System.  
13.  Label this picture of an alveoli.  
Circulatory System
14. Where is the heart positioned?  
15. Complete these sentences:  
Blood that is rich in oxygen appears __________________  
Blood that is poor in oxygen appears _________________  
Blood leaving the heart travels in ___________________  
Blood returning to the heart travels in _________________  
16. How many blood cells in a droplet of blood?  
17. How long do blood cells live?  
Digestive System  
18. How long is our digestive system?  
19. What mixes with the food when it is in the stomach?  
20. From the small intestine, food is broken down and goes either into the ___________________ or into the ___________ ____________________.  
21. How much saliva is produced by the body each day?  
22. Label this picture of the Digestive System.  
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