Health Tobacco Assessment 6R


Use the following project to demonstrate your knowledge of the dangers of tobacco.


Tobacco Comic Strip


Create a comic strip story that helps students to realize why they should say NO to tobacco products; you may focus on either chewing tobacco or cigarettes.




  1. Creative Title
  2. 7-8 Body Frames (Must have 6 frames for story line, or 2 story lines of 3 frames, or 3 story lines of 2 frames)


 Grading Rubric: Tobacco Comic Strip


Point Value


Creative title

2 points


Free from spelling/grammar mistakes -1/2, 3/4, 5/6

3 points


All pictures, speech bubbles, and captions are neat and legible

3 points


Pictures are in full color and clearly and accurately represent the scene

3 points


Fluid story line

3 points


3 negative consequences of tobacco

Physical consequence

3 points


Addictive Cycle

3 points


One additional consequence

3 points


Overall appearance and impact

2 points



25 points